textile pest treatment

We are ​licensed textile pest techinicians which means we are qualified by law to use powerful and effective insecticides that the general public are unable to obtain. Most off the shelf products that you can buy in a shop are not effective or powerful enough to get rid of the problem.

We can safely perform effective pest control for carpet moths, beetles, pet fleas, bedbugs and other textile pests for less than the price of other pest control companies.

> Moths

Generally you can really tell if you have a problem with carpet moths. They love eating away at your carpet under and behind furniture. It is really important to treat infestations before its too late otherwise you could end up having to replace the entire carpet and underlay.


These are very small and live on organic material so an infestation may be evident by the present of damage to furniture, clothing and carpets. The shedded hair from the larvae can cause irritation to humans and look like bites to the skin


These live off of the blood of its hosts and can cause you to get nasty itchy bites with the possibility of secondary infections if you scratch them. It is becoming common for letting agents and landlords to insist that tenants that have had pets in their tenancy to get the property treated for fleas. 

We offer a discounted rate for pest treatment for tenants who are also having their carpet cleaned with us so call us today for a free quote!